I, Efren Mascorro, am an internationally known chemist who has, time and time again, discovered new solutions to solve people’s skin problems. I have received multiple rewards and am held in high esteem by providing all my products at a reasonable and reachable price. I aim to not only deliver quality products but also deliver a better quality of life to people. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been helped by me and I aim to help a couple of hundreds of thousands more.

My passion started out after I lost my son to an extreme multi-drug resistant fungal infection in 1992. I struggled to look for a cure to my son’s disease. I travelled the world looking for different treatments. And when my son’s time came, I was devastated. A couple of months in, I decided to pick up my work and continue looking for a solution to make sure that no other father or family will feel what I felt.

I also saw this as a way to keep my son alive. I continued to travel the world to look for new types of medicine and found myself studying traditional Chinese medicine in Chengdu, China. This is where I met Jeremy Livingston, another chemist who had a similar vision as me. We collaborated and decided to do our research in China together.

In 2007, I decided to join Jeremy and joined the Cleanse team, a topical pharmaceutical company that provides all natural solutions from 100% American made products. Together we developed Cleanse’ leading product, Fungus Clean. Since then, Jeremy, the innovative scientists over at Cleanse, and I have been creating new and safe treatments that can be used by everyone in the world.